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Steve has been advising clients on tooling for software development and systems engineering for more than 20 years, helping them to match their needs and requirements to the best tools for the job. Steve is a Certified Scrum Master and has a degree in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. He lives outside of Dallas, USA with his wife and daughter.

Using Jenkins with TeamForge

Introduction Last time when I described how to build a Jenkins server on CentOS to work with CollabNet TeamForge, I promised a follow up on how to use the integration. For this blog, I’ll take a look at what it means to integrate Jenkins with TeamForge and what each of those plugins I had you install in my previous blog post do. With the exception of xframe-options, the plugins all come from CollabNet and help TeamForge and Jenkins to work together. The integration between TeamForge and Jenkins enables 4 different things: Using TeamForge as the source for access control to …

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Installing Jenkins for Use with TeamForge

This week I was working with a customer, helping to set up a sandbox environment for them, including helping them to build a local Jenkins server to use with TeamForge.  I’ve done this a few times now, but every time I end up back in the same places, figuring out the same things over again so this time, I’m going to document it for me, and for you.  There’s a pretty good chance, I think, that I’ll end up doing this again for a proof of concept with a prospective customer one day, so having this information handy will be… …

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