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Advocate for Enterprise IT Transformation, DevOps & Agility (Blending the needs of your Bus., Corp. & Career) Bridging IT gaps across: Traditional and Modern processes, Technology disciplines (Dev and Ops) and Corporate silos and structures.

Continuous Improvement – Helping Agile Teams make NEW Mistakes


Mistakes in pursuit of curve-jumping innovation are an unavoidable part of the agile process and investment. Some organizations are afraid to allow Dev teams to make mistakes (or experiment with change) and they build engineering cultures that discourage risk-taking or the trying of new things. These cultures ultimately limit opportunities to build competitive business advantages and put their business at unnecessary risk in changing markets. Consequently, mistakes are a necessary component of innovation. That being said, the best Dev teams only make new mistakes. What do I mean by “new” mistakes? Developers in challenging situations come up with a “new” …

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A DevOps IT wish list for CIO’s in 2013…

DevOps Things to do list

CollabNet is engaged in IT Development conversations globally and is quickly emerging as a leading influencer and enabler for hybrid Enterprise IT strategies, like DevOps, and supports… Blended processes and tool-chains across Development & Operations, (Tweet This!) Clouds (private & public), on-premise systems and globally distributed data-centers, (Tweet This!) Local employees, contracted consultants & global outsource development teams. (Tweet This!) While modern IT transformation efforts need to address various IT culture, IT process and Technology issues, DevOps provides organizations the opportunity to re-think IT.  The DevOps model allows organizations to adopt and fully leverage modern innovations and collaborative practices across …

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The Knight Capital event and a DevOps Discussion

I have been intrigued by the recent Knight Capital stories, articles and commentaries especially by members of the DevOps community (see links below). Here is my quick summary on the Knight Capital story… The company, Knight Capital, is in the fast pace and highly competitive trading market. – They run complex automated trading systems, trading services (for options, currencies and bonds), and manage order execution for 19,000 equities. The IT (and software) environment at Knight Capital is one which has… – a fast paced, highly visible, complex environment that require regular upgrades – a mature “change process” governed by regulatory …

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DevOps, the Agile Cadence and Modern Code Languages…an Opportunity for IT Optimization?

I had an interesting conversation with an IT executive around IT’s changing cadence.  We were talking about some of the “overlooked” IT changes that establish a new IT pace, or create a new “IT heartbeat”…if IT organizations can sync up. In the area of release and deployment there were huge differences in the cadence of IT deployment practices (as we prepared to started the auto-deployment discussions). What we found was a new potential IT cadence systematically coming from IT development teams who had adopted modern dynamic or iterative code languages (Ruby, Python, etc.) and Agile practices. Some interesting irony here …

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