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Scrum Is a Higher Energy State

What happens to a hot stone thrown into a lake? “The lake gets warmer.” Yeah, true. But for the lake, the effect is pretty insignificant, whereas the for the stone, the effect is quite more drastic. Maybe I should refine the question, to get a better metaphor. What happens to a hot stone on top of Sauna stove? “It gets water thrown on it.” No, no, no, dammit, let’s try one more time: what happens to a hot stone in open air? It starts cooling down. It’s energy, following the second law of thermodynamics, dissipates to the environment until the …

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A ScrumMaster of ScrumMasters

One client asked me to write a job description for a ‘ScrumMaster of ScrumMasters.’ So I made up one, based on what I understand of the role. What is a ScrumMaster of ScrumMasters? A ScrumMaster is a role for a person who helps impressive Scrum teams in their forming, welfare, and continuous improvement through servant leadership, coaching and challenging. So, just like a Scrum of Scrums connects teams in their daily collaboration over dependencies and impediments, ScrumMaster of ScrumMasters connects team level ScrumMasters in their work. SM of SMs is everything that a ScrumMaster is, except in larger scale – …

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