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Overview of CloudForge (Video)

This video is an Overview of the CloudForge development Platform as a Service. Watch this video to get a quick overview and guidance on the best way to get started using CloudForge

Tips & Tricks: Create an Agile Project on CloudForge

Here is a quick video that shows you how you can create a project workspace on CloudForge in under 2 mins that has a Git Repository and an Agile Project Management too, ScrumWorks Pro. Try if out for yourself.  Sign up for our Beta here

CloudForge is Live

We have just deployed CloudForge to the Public.  Try it Out

Subversion 1.7.2 is now available!

Over the last few weeks we have rolled out Subversion 1.7.2 to all our servers. Subversion 1.7 delivers most notably, enhanced performance plus new and improved features and important bug fixes.  If you are interested in all the changes, I encourage you to read the change log or here are some other great resources to help you learn more: Video: What’s New in Subversion 1.7 (New Features & Functionality) Webinar Replay: Subversion 1.7 – Why You Should Care (Presenters: Bob Jenkins & Mike Pilato) Subversion 1.7 Q&A (from the CollabNet SVNblog) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Although you can use your 1.6.x client …

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Collaboration in the Cloud

In a recent interview our VP/GM, Guy Marion (@guy_marion), spoke with IT Business Edge blogger, Arthur Cole,  on the collaborative nature of the cloud.  The flexibility and agility that the cloud provides plus the desire (I would go as far as saying ‘need’) to adopt collaboration and social networking work processes that we have all become to depend on in our personal lives, is driving more enterprises and development teams to push services and infrastructure to the cloud.  This however does not come without challenges to the enterprise though (Security, compliance, visibility etc) Read the full interview here and what Guy has to say on “Collaboration …

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Interview with Vinay Asthan, VETS, Inc. about being Agile and using ScrumWorks Pro in the Codesion Cloud

Today we are very pleased to share with you that ScrumWorks Pro (SWP) in the Codesion Cloud is no longer in beta and is now generally available and fully supported. (Read the Press Release here) Congratulations to the Codesion Engineering Dudes on another fine effort and display of brilliant engineering.  A big thanks to all the beta customers who provided some great testing and feedback to help us deliver SWP GA.  ScrumWorks Pro is now included in our Agile Business and Agile Enterprise plans or Try it FREE for 30 days. We are also really happy to share with you some …

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Another new GIT feature: GIT External Integration

Keep them coming!  We are very pleased to have released another great new GIT feature, GIT External Integration.  What this means is that GIT can now send commit messages and update statuses to your trackers including Trac, and other services.  You no longer need to open up your trackers to update, close or append tickets. The ability to be able to automatically send commit messages to your other services will save you some serious time.  It’s available now.  Go try it out and tell us what you think. For more information and the correct syntax to use, check out this …

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