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Michael Weinstein is head of global product marketing at CollabNet. He oversees product, solution, and vertical marketing efforts and marketing campaign strategy for the company. Michael has over 15 years of product marketing experience in technology-intensive industries. He has helped advance product marketing efforts at Wind River (Intel), Honeywell (RAE Systems), Polycom, Logitech, and HP. Michael holds an MBA degree from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Why Your Enterprise Needs a Git Strategy (Part 2)

Having a plan for adopting Git for your enterprise can lead to great results In part two of our blog series (read Part 1) we share tips of adopting and scaling Git in the enterprise. When considering enterprise-wide Git adoption, it is not enough to only evaluate the SCM needs of your organization. The strategy should view Git as a vital part of the application lifecycle management (ALM) platform. Most Git solutions today have both SCM and ALM capabilities and claim readiness for enterprise-scale Git deployment. There are a few fundamental requirements that your strategy must address to make Git …

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Why Your Enterprise Needs a Git Strategy (Part 1)

A governed adoption of Git can help speed up software development, while ensuring the security of source code. In the first of a two-part blog series we assess the status of Git in the enterprise and discuss major challenges to its adoption. Git is the world’s leading distributed source code management (SCM) system. In a recent CollabNet survey, 87% of the 838 respondents polled indicated that their enterprises either already use or have plans to deploy Git. With its flexibility, speed, and powerful branching and merging capabilities, Git represents an opportunity for global enterprises to drive productivity and accelerate application …

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Integrated Development Tool-Chains = High Velocity, Visibility, and Quality

In today’s market, software development organizations find themselves racing against time. Enterprises are opting for best-of-breed—rather than single-vendor—solutions, requiring the ability to create a fully integrated development tool-chain, critical to enabling higher velocity, CI/CD, and DevOps. Their ability to compete often hinges on how fast they can deliver applications to customers with ever-increasing demands for quality and innovative features. Many software vendors adopt Agile methodologies and implement continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and DevOps to expedite time to market. Automation becomes key, as do thorough testing and quality control. Contrary to a collection of standalone or poorly connected tools, …

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Winning in a Software-Enabled World

Our entire world runs on software. Recently on Charlie Rose, General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt shared that every industrial company needs to be a software company and that GE is investing heavily to organically grow its software acumen. GE is not the only company turning to software for growth. Pervasive anytime-anywhere connectivity, the proliferation of the Internet of Things, and ever-increasing customer demands for all things new and cool have made software the innovation engine and source of strategic competitive advantage for businesses in industries spanning financial services, automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, energy, banking, and countless others. …

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