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Unbreakable Software – ISO 26262


Fascinating article in the latest edition of Fortune Magazine on the future of the automobile. Labeled ‘Making Your Car Think’ it explores the rapidly growing market for built-in infotainment units. By 2020 (not that far out anymore, if you think about it) IHS analysts estimate some 80% of new vehicles to be equipped with hi-tech dashboards providing a gamut of functionality from navigation to emergency response features to video conferencing. Not an easy task for software. Think consumer-like appeal with military-grade reliability. A leader in that market, Canada based QNX (who shipped 9+ million units in 2011 alone) has built …

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Infographic: Git in the Enterprise

No secret, Git is the fastest growing DVCS. Lesser known is the extend (and scope) of Git deployments in the ‘enterprise’*. We wanted to find out: What is the state of Git in the enterprise?   To get to the root of that question, CollabNet partnered with Dr.Dobbs and InformationWeek. We asked 250 organizations in North America, surveying both developers / engineers and management teams. Some of the results may surprise you: 25 percent of respondents indicated Git as one of their standard SCM tools Git, Agile Methodology and Mobile go well together Subversion, Microsoft TFS/VSS, and CVS are the …

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How GitHub is Impeding Enterprise Git Adoption


Over 3,000 corporate email addresses compromised. Private SSH keys and passwords publicly disclosed. Major systems outages every few weeks (here and here and here). No, those are not the news from some dubious shopping site. But from a site supposed to manage intellectual property (IP), in form of software code. As Gartner points out, enterprises already ‘speak of being uncomfortable with what is perceived as a larger possibility for loss of source code’ when it comes to Git. Certainly headlines like the ones above are not helpful, when it comes to building trust for Git with decision makers. And while …

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Jump-Start your Corporate Git Initiatives

CollabNet ECD

Git is the fastest growing DVCS on the market. No longer restricted to open source projects or hi-tech start-ups, Git has become a serious tool in the arsenal of large enterprises, even in traditionally ,more conservative and regulated industries such as banking/insurance, federal and pharmaceuticals.  Developers love the fast merging & branching, and dev managers praise Git’s fit with Agile, collaborative software design principles. The often strategic importance of mobile (Android, iOS) technologies further is accelerating the demand for Git. Due to its power and flexibility, Git can be intimidating at first for some developers. It has its fair share of …

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Subversion 1.7.8 – Download Now

download svn

Download Subversion now, get the official Subversion 1.7.8 binaries. It’s the latest release of Subversion. Find the release notes on the Apache site. That new release includes bug fixes for server and client side While at it, also check out (and download for free) Subversion Edge 3.2.2, which already includes the full stack, including SVN 1.7.8.   * Apache, Apache Subversion and the Subversion logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

Must See Video – How to Protect ENTERPRISE GIT History

What is Git History Rewrite? What is Git History Protection? Here’s the technical explanation of History Rewrite “We define History Rewrite as non-fast forward updates of remote refs and its associated objects. This happens whenever a branch in the remote repository gets deleted, previously pushed commits get amended/tree filtered and forcefully re-pushed, or a remote branch/tag is pointed to an entire different commit history.”   Sounds too technical?  We put together a short (3 minutes) video, that explains in simple term what History Rewrite (and History Protect) is, and why you probably should care: Watch Video (3 min) Now If you …

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New Release: Subversion Edge 3.2.0, Auto-Update SVN 1.7.7

  Great news – Subversion Edge 3.2.0 has been released.  (Tweet this) The FREE CollabNet Subversion Edge provides a smarter way to manage SCM. It includes a fully-automated installer/updater for software stacks of Subversion, Apache, and ViewVC fronted by a powerful web console for administration and server health check monitoring. This latest release includes multiple feature enhancements and bug fixes, plus: Subversion 1.7.7 Apache 2.2.23 ViewVC 1.1.16 With Subversion Edge, any upgrade is simply a keystroke away. Download Edge for FREE!  

Got Git? You’ll like this.

Call it your one-stop-shop for all things Git. The new tech resource center features access to 24/7 Git support, Git downloads and free Git hosting. Access it here: www.collab.net/git If you didn’t know… CollabNet is the industry leader for global SCM support and success, delivering services to more than 200,000 developers using Subversion®, CVS, Perforce and, now, Git. The new Git support is offered through the CollabNet Technical Resource Center that provides 24/7 support, guaranteed SLAs and response times, and practical best practices through both a stand-alone service for an individual tool or through a hybrid Subversion/Git package. The service …

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Git for the Enterprise: Secure, Scalable, Standards-Compliant

Git is the world’s leading distributed version control system (DVCS). According to the latest Eclipse developer survey, with 27% market share Git today is the second most popular SCM (source code management) tool, after Subversion. For most enterprises however, effective management of Git is a challenge. So says Gartner (2011) : “The adoption of DVCS has accelerated in small teams, but is moving more slowly in enterprise settings.” Up until recently, enterprises had only two options: • Prohibit the usage of Git by enforcing corporate mandates, thereby missing out on its potential benefits, or • Accept non-sanctioned Git deployments within …

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Enterprise-Hardening Git with Gerrit and TeamForge Webinar Q&A

On July 27th, we conducted the webinar, “Enterprise-Hardening Git with Gerrit and TeamForge”. In the session, we outlined Git advantages and challenges when deployed in the enterprise. We also demonstrated how TeamForge with Gerrit lets you implement a hybrid (Subversion and Git) SCM model. In particular, we covered: Significance of Git for Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) Top Git enterprise benefits and challenges Solutions for enterprise-grade Git deployments Introduction (and demos) of TeamForge with Gerrit Hybrid SCM deployment options (Subversion and Git) During the webinar, we encouraged the participants to interact with us through polls and live Q&A. We received many …

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