Logan Daigle

About Logan Daigle

Logan Daigle is a DevOps Coach with VersionOne from Charlotte, NC. He has been involved with providing and implementing DevOps solutions since 2011. He has development and DevOps experience in the military, government, healthcare, retail and finance industries. Logan has a passion for being Agile, doing DevOps well and using agile engineering practices to build, test and deploy software. His experiences have been in support of both Windows and Linux infrastructure, and many tools that are key to the success of applications in both.

Branching Strategy – The Forgotten Child of DevOps

The ideal DevOps project starts with everything stored in source control. As a coach, I often find that too little thought is given to how a team will handle their source control branching strategy. Time and time again I have seen how this one decision determines much of the complexity of both product and process. The ease of the journey to continuous delivery is largely dependent on this decision. Teams see success when they take time to make this decision and don’t just buy into master-only development or a model such as GitFlow. Instead, they think about how they want …

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Four Questions to Manage Your Value Stream

While it may seem that DevOps is past its honeymoon phase, quite the opposite might be true. As noted in the 12th Annual State of Agile Report, 48 percent of respondents said that their organization is currently undergoing a DevOps initiative. That leaves 52 percent who are only planning or are not even on their DevOps journey yet! However, 65 percent of respondents said that a DevOps transformation was important or very important to their business. So, why might there be a lag between adoption and acknowledgement of benefits? One of the main reasons teams set out on a DevOps …

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