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Senior Director Field Operations, CollabNet In his ten plus years at CollabNet, Kevin has led the successful implementation of CollabNet products and services at some of its largest customers. Working with his clients to transform their globally distributed application development teams to modern agile enterprises, he has saved these organizations millions of dollars.

DevOps at Scale: Preview of CollabNet Deploy with UC4

UC4 and CollabNet Webinar

When I first saw CollabNet Deploy with UC4, it was a preview given by CollabNet Engineering.  Having more than 10 years’ experience with the CollabNet ALM platform, I was most impressed by the dynamic and TeamForge compatible user interface designed by UC4. And this is the beta of the integration. Deployment is not just deployment to production, not just that last mile in operations.  There is deployment from a development perspective, deployment for continuous Integration, or into the testing environment. Every Jenkins build is a deployment.  At an Enterprise DevOps view, Deployment is to a series of different targets where …

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