About kfitzpatrick

Kerry Fitzpatrick is Senior Director of Education Services at CollabNet. She has been with CollabNet for over 13 years in a variety of roles in both the Engineering and Professional Services organizations. For the past 7 years, Kerry has run the product training group responsible for all instructor-led and Web-based training development and delivery related to CollabNet’s products (TeamForge, Subversion, Enterprise Git, CollabNet Desktops, Agile/Scrum, etc.).

New TeamForge 7 Training Videos!

ctf video

TeamForge 7 is our latest TeamForge release with lots of new features and core infrastructure updates. If you’re wondering where to get started the two new TeamForge 7 training videos are an excellent place to start. The first video “CollabNet TeamForge 7 – Introduction and Guided Tour” will give you a good overview of TeamForge 7 with Orchestrate, the industry’s first Federated ALM and DevOps platform. This video will walk you through the lifecycle tools, accessible from the TeamForge toolbar – and includes tools for tracking, source code management, build and test (continuous integration), code review, file release, and collaboration. …

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