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Technical Support Engineer, CloudForge

Need a quick fix? Simple solutions to SVN, TeamForge and Git

Support sees quite a few issues, and while impossible to solve everything immediately (or through a blog I may be writing), I’ve found some common issues that you may encounter while wrangling code on CloudForge: – TeamForge login: Do you have a long domain name? While we mention that you must use the ‘domain_username’ structure for logging in, what you might not know is that we’ll truncate login names longer than 32 characters. For example: if I have the organization ‘excellentbusinessorganization’ and my username is ‘jesseyowell’, you will see under the TeamForge login page that your login name may be …

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Help us help you through CloudForge’s Support Portal!

I’m sure most of you have noticed CloudForge’s new, sleek, Zendesk help portal.  What you may not know is the changes that are happening behind the scenes:  more support agents, a bigger and better knowledge base, and faster support response.  Not all of this is going to happen overnight, but the purpose of this blog is to help you utilize all you can out of our help portal.  Here are a list of things you may not have known about CloudForge’s support portal: The Server Status Page (aka As you can see in the above picture, we occasionally have …

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How to Manage Permissions as an Administrator on CloudForge – Simple & Easy!

With the roll-out of CloudForge, I have received numerous questions about adding the correct permissions on one’s project(s).  Our team wanted to make this an easier and more streamlined process for development team leads that would give access to all services in CloudForge with a few clicks!  When you are on your project dashboard page, you might have noticed a ‘Users’ section: In this section, you can see who has access to a certain project.  Once you click on ‘Manage’ you’ll see the the new ‘General Project Access’ screen: Now that I have my list of users, but what does …

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