Juergen Moors

About Juergen Moors

Juergen has over 20 years of experience in the IT business, working with large enterprise organizations like Compuware, Quest Software and Business Objects developing in Java, C++, Assembler, Basic and some 4GLs. Juergen has expertise in the areas of Development, IT-Security, Business Intelligence and Application Performance Management - sharing his insights via published articles and speaking opportunities at industry events. Juergen lives with his wife and two grown up sons in the west of Germany and in his free time he is constructing and flying radio controlled planes.

ALM is a subset of PLM

In the production industry, software is very often the breaking point in the product lifecycle. Of course, the question raised is how to optimize software development and how to shorten time to market. The amount of software contained in “classic” products is substantial. A luxury car contains up to 100 million lines of code! Even a simple, computer controlled household appliance can contain up to 1 million lines of code. Medical devices contain up to 3 million lines of code and a jet fighter contains up to 6 million lines of code. Surely you are using a Product Lifecycle Management …

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