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Vice President, Marketing- Jan Liband is a highly-effective, forward-thinking B2B marketing executive with 20+ years of experience, providing CollabNet with deep industry experience and expertise in all facets of modern marketing. Jan is a recognized industry veteran in the application development tools area with additional experience in enterprise collaboration, data management, SaaS & Cloud, mobile, and embedded device software. As a senior yet “hands-on” marketing pro, Jan has a strong track record of driving growth in firms ranging from VC-backed start-ups to more established publicly-held firms. Jan’s passion for application development led him to senior marketing leadership roles across a range of software and application development companies, including Wind River, VA Software, and Embarcadero Technologies. At each of these companies, Jan has driven more effective positioning, GTM strategies, and marketing programs that have grown opportunities with individual developers as well as senior tech executives across large enterprises. At CollabNet, Jan is spearheading new marketing efforts aimed at transforming application development and delivery across companies and industry alike. Jan is a noted industry spokesman on application development, management, and delivery approaches across a range of application frameworks and development platforms.

Why compete? Embrace Git and Subversion in the Enterprise

Git and Subversion

I read a blog post this week in ReadWrite about how Git is giving Subversion a run for its money. The author states, “It has taken a long time for Git to push Subversion aside, despite clearly being better for developers.” My question is this…why does Git need to push Subversion aside and declare to be better? Comparing Git and Subversion is like comparing apples and oranges. Yes, they are both in the fruit family, but one is not better than the other. Git and Subversion are both version control systems (VCS) which allow developers to manage changes to documents, …

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