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About Jim Ensell

Jim Ensell leads Marketing, Strategy, Business Development, and Online/Cloud Services at CollabNet. In this role, Jim is responsible for driving growth, raising awareness of CollabNet among global business leaders, and building its role as a strategic partner to companies looking to gain global market value from product innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the cloud. He brings more than 25 years of experience in engineering, technology, business, and executive management, with a proven track record of fueling substantial growth in both large and small enterprises. Jim joined CollabNet from rfXcel, a SaaS provider of track and trace supply chain applications, where he was President and COO. Prior to rfXcel, Jim was Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development at Virage Logic, where he ran worldwide marketing, business and corporate development. Before that Jim served in various executive-level business and technology roles at eSilicon Corporation and Cadence Design Systems during their rapid growth periods. Jim is an industry leading speaker and thought leader on software development in private and public clouds, and the strategic implementation of new business models enabled by cloud-based collaborative development and open source. He focuses his attention on providing executive leadership and management of the Company’s marketing organization including in-bound and out-bound marketing activities worldwide, and in developing synergistic partnerships that can both organically and inorganically accelerate CollabNet’s footprint in the market. Jim holds an MSEE from the University of Pennsylvania and a BSEE from Villanova University.

Taking DevOps into the Enterprise with UC4

These are exciting times at CollabNet. With our long-standing commitment to help customers organize and manage the people, processes and resources needed to build better software faster, we continue to play an important role in advancing the modernization of the software industry. From the adoption of open source tools and Agile-based practices, to enabling cloud development in the enterprise, CollabNet is always willing to make big moves that help drive industry innovation. Today, I am pleased to announce the latest significant “move” by our company – a strategic partnership with the leader in IT Process Automation, UC4. Together with UC4, …

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Enterprise Cloud Development in 206 Seconds

CollabNet is very excited to work with the application development and cloud computing communities to advance modern software delivery. As part of our recent company re-launch, we stepped back, met with industry leaders, customers and influencers, and collectively defined the Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) category. The experience has been profound and exhilarating, as we took the time to center our vision beyond our own technical solutions, and, instead, focus on the industry as a whole. In the spirit of agility and simplicity, we challenged ourselves to tell the entire ECD story in just a few minutes. As it turns out …

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CollabNet Ready for Cloud Development Launch!

On Monday look for lots of exciting news and change from CollabNet. Our commitment to advance the development and deployment of applications in the cloud will be center stage! For our customers, partners, employees and the community at large, Monday’s events will mark a new evolution in modern software development. True to our core business values, the coming advancements are open in nature, inviting and centered on the key word that makes up the basis of our company name – collaboration. We say this in a broad sense – from the individual developer and distributed teams to emerging partners in …

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CollabNet to Present The Five Steps of Enterprise Cloud Development

Back in December we talked about how enterprises are continuing to embrace and adopt cloud development practices (http://www.collab.net/news/press/2011/ecd.html). We see this emerging trend of Enterprise Cloud Development as one of the major transformations happening in IT today. What started as a movement of small teams working on small projects to spin up projects quickly and deploy applications utilizing a range of PaaS offerings, has steadily moved deeper into the enterprise IT domain. To help extend the benefits of cloud development beyond the team level, we have drawn from our years of experience and worked with customers, partners and industry influencers …

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CollabNet Partnering with PaaS Leaders for Development and Deployment of Apps in the Cloud

CollabNet is proud and pleased to work with many of the innovators in the emerging cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market. Our friends at VMware Cloud Foundry just celebrated a one-year anniversary that marks significant growth and momentum for the entire space. SOASTA is another key cloud partner that is experiencing super growth as well. With a growing ecosystem of cloud development platforms to choose from and “mix-and-match,” it’s clear that developers and enterprises are increasingly turning to the cloud to build and deploy software that meets the needs of customers. What we love about this space is the collaborative nature and …

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CollabNet: Bringing Agile, DevOps and Cloud Computing Together

It’s been almost 11 years since the Agile Manifesto was drafted, signaling one of the biggest shifts in the software development industry. Improvements in how we develop and deliver software continue every day, week, month and year. One of the “cause and effect” impacts of Agile has been the emergence of DevOps into the software lifecycle mix. With software being developed at a much quicker pace, the need to bolster collaboration between previously disparate teams and automate “the last mile” has risen to the forefront. At CollabNet, we increasingly see how development teams are bringing both Agile and DevOps to …

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CollabNet Prepping for Cloud Development Alignment

These are exciting days here at CollabNet! As you’ll notice from our new “homepage teaser” now up on our website (www.collab.net), there are some serious cloud development announcements brewing on the horizon. In fact, a week from today you won’t want to miss out on some very exciting news and developments that will mark a major evolution in Agile, DevOps and, especially, cloud development. Rest assured, this is a not a knee-jerk “we’re cloud too” event. CollabNet has been super busy working with customers, partners and the community at large to add some real value to the cloud development ecosystem. …

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