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Teaching a man where to fish

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. When it comes to well-known adages that’s amongst my all time favorites, but I wonder how well it plays amongst professional fishermen? There’s a community that clearly already knows how to fish, but does that knowledge alone fill their boats with fish on a daily basis? In reality I had never given a single thought to any of this until reading an article in my local newspaper (yes, an actual newspaper in my hands) that highlighted the plight …

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From Barney to Beethoven

My son is currently in his first year of learning to play the trumpet. It all started a couple of weeks before the school year at something they called “band camp”. This was an hour a day, week long thing at the school where Mrs. Moore, the music teacher at the school, introduced them to their instruments and got them blowing their first notes. When I first heard that my son was going to start playing the trumpet, I thought we’d be in for some painful auditory experiences around the house. Having sat through a band camp session, where 20 …

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Looking for Professor Goodman

At my college, everyone had to take a class called Senior Seminar during their senior year to graduate.  This was a liberal arts course that really just got in the way of most of us at our technical university, but it had to be done.  The interesting part about it was that depending upon which of the dozen or so professors that taught it you had, it was either a total blow off class or something that took some real effort to get through.  If you wanted the former (which I’ll certainly admit to), then you wanted to get into …

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Perhaps a change of underwear is in order?

During a recent trip to see my doctor, I decided to forgo the typical waiting room Hollywood trash fodder and picked up copy of Diabetes Health. This particular issue had an article in it about the Chicago Diabetes Project.  This is an effort that is using open source concepts to help find a cure for Diabetes.  The article is mainly an interview with Dr. José Oberholzer, the leader of the CDP, in which he extols the virtues of a collaborative approach that are already known to many in the software development arena.  As someone interested in collaborative approaches to solving …

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Coffee, Tea, or Community?

I recently had occasion to go to CollabNet headquarters in Brisbane, CA.  My flight from Chicago to San Francisco was on a totally full Boeing 777.  As the plane was loading in Chicago,  I witnessed from my choice vantage point in seat 22E (yes, that’s the middle seat in coach of a 2-5-2 configuration) a dynamic that I couldn’t help find analogous to a smoothly running community site in action.  The cattle call that is the boarding process of the economy section of a wide bodied airplane is always good for some entertainment value if you get there early enough …

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