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Gerrit Productivity Hacks – Flexible Logging: Set DEBUG level logging without Gerrit restart

Many of us have been thrown into production issue, equipped (in the best case ;)) with only vague reproduction instructions and get stuck looking into logs and have only one wish: if I could only magically enable more detailed logging and replay the scenario… just without putting restart procedure into motion… One can argue for having DEBUG level enabled all the time but this is impractical for at least two reasons: too much information is as bad as too little and log files will explode with size. Well, our prayers were answered! Since CollabNet TeamForge Git Integration 8.6.1 release one …

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CollabNet Gerrit Notifications – For all who miss the good ol’ git push notifications

The main feature of our latest TeamForge-Git-Integration (8.0.6) is a brand new notification plugin for Gerrit. This is exciting news to anybody who was used to the git push notifications of the git multimail script. It will also make sure you never miss an accidental git history rewrite again – even if you are not a Gerrit Administrator. This blog post explains the motivation behind this new feature and how to configure it. Motivation Gerrit is a very powerful Git server implementation. It introduces unmatched code review and access right enforcement capabilities. Gerrit is used in many mission critical, large …

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Gerrit Rebranding – The missing Guide to a customized Look & Feel

Our new Git/Gerrit integration for TeamForge has just been released and it is based on Open Source Gerrit 2.6.1. Its default appearance is quite light and lean (see picture below), but may not fit the visual policies of all our customers. This blog post covers Gerrit’s rebranding capabilities. All technical information is available in Gerrit’s official release documentation (here) – however it is scattered across different topics and is lacking practical usage examples. The following branding example results in a completely different visual appearance of Gerrit’s Web UI. The specific color choices are just for demonstration purposes not as a fashion …

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