Eryk Szymanski

About Eryk Szymanski

Eryk is CollabNet’s Development Manager leading Git and Gerrit related development efforts. He has over 20 years of engineering and management experience ranging from start-ups to medium-size enterprises. Eryk holds Master degree in Computer Science and is Certified Scrum Master.

Easy guide to mappings between Gerrit Access Control and TeamForge Source Code Permissions

A lot of things have changed since my blog post about Managing git branch level permissions with TeamForge and Gerrit. There are new versions of TeamForge, Gerrit and a new version of our integration is about to be released. One area where changes happened on all three fronts is the mappings between TeamForge permissions and Gerrit access controls. As a result the mapping file has changed. It is nothing to worry about while upgrading. Our integration will perform the transformation of mappings automatically resulting with new mapping file created and old mappings converted to the new format. But it might …

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Managing Git branch level permissions with TeamForge and Gerrit


Since version 6.2,  TeamForge supports Git, using Gerrit as the backend. Gerrit is not only our Git server, it is also a great code review system. In this blog post we will talk about Git branch level permissions and how to control them from TeamForge. Why would you like to use it in the first place? Well, with branch level permissions you can specify that certain groups of users can only read or push certain “refs” (branches or tags) but not others. There are two options for doing that: Use the custom repository category, which is turning off TeamForge autopilot …

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