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Committer at EGit project, OpenSource and Linux enthusiast.

Summary of the 2016 Berlin Gerrit Hackathon

Between 14th and 18th of March 2016, the second Berlin based Gerrit Hackathon took place. It was a joined effort of CollabNet and Elego to host it. Our event attracted 17 people from various companies, including five Gerrit maintainers. Here is the full list of participants: Dave Borowitz (maintainer) (Google), Saša Živkov (maintainer) (SAP), Edwin Kempin (maintainer) (Google), David Ostrovsky (maintainer) (Individual), Hugo Arès (maintainer) (Ericsson), Han-Wen Nienhuys (Google), Khai Do (OpenStack / IBM), Alan Tokaev (Individual), Sebastian Schuberth (Here), Martin Waitz (AREVA GmbH), Oswald Buddenhagen (Qt), Patrick Hobusch (Elego), Patrick Steinhardt (Elego), Eryk Szymanski (CollabNet), Jacek Centkowski (CollabNet), Johannes …

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Diffy flies to Berlin – Second Gerrit Hackathon at CollabNet and Elego

Back in 2014 CollabNet and Elego were sponsoring the first Gerrit Hackathon in Berlin. It was considered one of the most productive hackathons (190+ patches merged) so far. Great features like inline-edit, secure-store and x-doc plugin have been the results of the first Berlin Hackathon, here is our full recap. As the hackathon was so successful, we are going to have the second edition of it next week. This time we have 16 participants from various companies like Google, SAP, HERE, Ericsson, OpenStack, Qt, CollabNet and Elego. The event starts on next Monday (March 14th) and will last for full …

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Gerrit Hackathon at Google HQ… next one is coming

As always after the Gerrit User Summit, a Gerrit hackathon took place. This time it was a five days event (9-11 November 2015), where members of the Gerrit community could work together, fully focused on making Gerrit a better software. 2015 edition gathered 15 participants from various companies like Google, SAP, Sony Mobile, Qualcomm, OpenStack, Axis Communications, Gerritforge and of course CollabNet. Hackathons are really intensive periods of time for Gerrit project: over 400 patches were merged, three releases (2.11.5 and two release candidates of 2.12) were performed, countless number of open changes and patchsets were pushed for review. This …

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Summary of the first Berlin Gerrit Hackathon

Hacking the Gerrit

Between 8th and 12th of September 2014, first Berlin based Gerrit Hackathon took place. It was joined effort of CollabNet, Elego and Aservo to host it. Our event attracted 16 people from various companies, including four Gerrit maintainers. Here is full list of participants: Dave Borowitz (maintainer) (Google), David Pursehouse (maintainer) (Sony Mobile), Saša Živkov (maintainer) (SAP), Edwin Kempin (maintainer) (SAP), Sven Selberg (Sony Mobile), Gustaf Lundh (Sony Mobile), Khai Do (OpenStack / IBM), Christian Aistleitner (Individual), David Ostrovsky (Individual), Deniz Türkoglu (Spotify), Carlos Martín Nieto (Elego), Eryk Szymanski (CollabNet), Jacek Centkowski (CollabNet), Johannes Nicolai (CollabNet), Dharmesh Sheta (CollabNet), Dariusz …

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Gerrit Hackathon in Berlin next week

Working in a distributed team has many advantages. You can work from any place in the world and any hours you would like to. Asynchronous communication over email or Gerrit Code Review is not as distracting compared to being poked by colleague from the desk opposite to you. Some people are most productive in the middle of night, others early morning (I mean really early morning like 4 or 5am). Forcing them to work from 9am to 5pm could kill their productivity. This is why many Open Source projects are so successful. People can do their work when they want …

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First European Gerrit Hackathon

Subversion Hackathon

During the 7th to 9th of May 2013 first European Gerrit Hackathon took place in London. This time there were twelve participants from a variety of companies like Sony Mobile, SAP, Google, Qualcomm, GerritForge, Cisco, Spotify and of course CollabNet represented by myself. During three days of hackathon we had multiple discussions about current project state, its future and new functionalities request by users and ourselves. There is no hackathon without code sessions, same was true for this one, new cool features were implemented like: patch inline editing – users can edit patch in the browser. This simplify overhead of …

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We will share our Gerrit knowledge at Confitura conference

Confitura conference

I will be speaking about Gerrit Code Review during Confitura conference in Poland (on 6th of July 2013). My presentation was selected in public voting from over 90 other proposals. Presentation is based around main Google rule for code: All changes must be reviewed. Will start from basic information what is code review and why it doesn’t work when you are doing it after you put your changes in the main repository, why weekly code review also doesn’t work. Then will move to Gerrit itself and present how tightly it is integrated with Git, how the review process looks like …

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Protect Git History

git lock

Let’s talk about the “git push” operation. It is commonly used as you need to push your local commits to the blessed server to share them with others. However it’s important to be aware that there are two use cases when it can be abused: removing remote branch force push aka history rewrite Let’s take a minute to focus on these two use cases. The most simple usage of a push operation is: git push which is equivalent to: git push origin master:master So what does that mean? It means: “hey Git, push my local branch called ‘master’ (the one …

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