Caleb Brown

About Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown is an Agile trainer, organizational coach, and Certified Scrum Professional with a focus on the the “People Side” of software. While practices and technology are part of what enable organizations to succeed with Agile, Caleb likes to concentrate on using the cultural piece supported by whatever practice, process, framework, or technology is needed to be successful. Having worked on the technical side of the software industry since 1999, and as CollabNet’s Product Owner and Master ScrumWorks Trainer since 2007, Caleb has gained deep insight into the inherent challenges with Agile adoption. His trainings and expertise in helping global organizations understand where process ends and tooling picks up, is well respected and highly sought after.

What’s New in CollabNet TeamForge 6.2 Webinar Q&A

On July 11th, I presented the webinar, “Agile Planning at Enterprise-Scale with TeamForge 6.2 ,” In the session, I talked about how to drive Agile success through your whole lifecycle even at an enterprise scale and the implications that Agile has for both process and technology platforms across your whole team, including requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management. I also did a live demonstration of the new features in TeamForge 6.2, CollabNet’s collaborative software development platform – and how you can use it to excel in Agile. I was joined by Brian Zeichick, Sr. Product Manager/Product Owner …

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