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Bob Jenkins has spent over 17 years focused on application life-cycle tools. At CollabNet, Mr. Jenkins consults with enterprises that are planning to adopt Git or Subversion on how to apply best practices to their SCM processes. He aslo helps define the areas of investment by CollabNet in open source version control tools.


I have intended for a long, long time now to write a blog post about one of my favorite soapbox topics of configuration management – tagging. It can’t be a hard topic to at least understand the principle given we apply tags to Flickr, hashtags to Twitter, and tags to Facebook. The idea is to apply a piece of metadata to some type of content in each of those tools. That’s what we’re talking about with Subversion with the key being that the metadata is applied to a revision of the folders and files that you’ve put under version control. …

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The answer to your Visual SourceSafe dilemma: FIVE things (we bet) you didn’t know about Subversion

On November 8th, I presented the webinar, “The answer to your Visual SourceSafe dilemma: FIVE things (we bet) you didn’t know about Subversion,” with Arneh Eskandari, SQL Tools, Red Gate Software. We introduced five powerful truths about Subversion and Arneh performed a live demo showing how to source control your database in Subversion in less than five minutes. During the webinar, we encouraged our attendees to interact with us by participating in polls and by entering questions for the live Q&A session that we had at the end of the presentation. As a result, we received many great questions that …

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Branching Successfully – Q&A Part 2

This is the second blog entry resulting from a recent webcast focused on the topic of “Subversion Best Practices – Branching Successfully.” I answered about half of those questions in the previous entry a month ago and will do the other half in this posting. Again feel free to ask more questions via our discussion forums. We already have a working SVN+Apache. Why change to Subversion Edge? There a couple of very good reasons to consider this change. First, it is great that you’ve got the combination working well today, but how easy is it going to be for you to keep …

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Branching Successfully – Q&A Part 1

This blog entry is a result of the recent webcast focused on the topic of “Subversion Best Practices – Branching Successfully.” I promised to use our Subversion blog to respond to questions that the audience asked, but that I didn’t have time to answer. I hope to answer about half of those questions in this entry and will do the other half next week. If yours isn’t in this posting, then wait until next week. And feel free to ask more questions via our discussion forums.

Subversion Configuration Management Workshop

Guest post by Bob Jenkins, Director of Subversion Services at CollabNet Life’s easy when you’re a one person team working on a single project, but as your situation gets more complicated by teammates and multiple projects, you need to understand more about Subversion than just how to checkout and commit. For example, How many repositories do I need and how should they be structured? When should a branch be used versus just using a working copy for isolation? How can I handle customer customizations? How can I proactively be ready to answer questions about our release process? How do I …

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Branching Strategy Questioned

Bob Jenkins answers questions from the branching and merging webinars

What about branching and merging?

Bob Jenkins answers questions about Branching and Merging with Subversion

Building a House

About a month ago, I provided a post in this blog that suggested that enterprises consider taking some of the processes that are used to produce Subversion (as an example of good open source processes): In addition to the code. That stirred some interesting discussions, more offline than online, so I wanted to revisit this topic. I find it disappointing, if not surprising, that enterprises are so reticent to consider the less restrictive, but still process-driven configuration management procedures that the Subversion project utilizes. I get a lot of initial backlash when I talk about open source processes. The reality …

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Take More Than the Code

One of my jobs at CollabNet has me consulting with enterprises that are planning to adopt Subversion either for specific projects or as a standard for the organization. These enterprises understand the value of Subversion for meeting their requirements for version control and software configuration management. They appreciate the work that the open source community has invested in this state-of-the-art tool and are excited to leverage that investment. What they often struggle with is their predisposition to use the tool as a "hammer" to enforce processes versus taking a cue from the Subversion developers themselves to improve their own processes. …

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Migrating from Rational ClearCase

I participated in a webinar two weeks ago, Subversion in the Enterprise, in which we had a limited chance to respond to questions. We’ll answer some of the remaining questions here. One topic that came up multiple times was enterprises migrating from Rational ClearCase. Since I spent 5 years helping sell, implement and support ClearCase, and now 6 years at CollabNet, I understand both worlds pretty well. Before focusing on ClearCase though, I encourage you to read some very good migration articles that can be found in the Subversion migration project. I talk to big companies every day about Subversion …

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