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CollabNet’s treat to you – CloudForge Publisher!

We are happy to launch a newly designed CloudForge Publisher. A lot of our customers use CloudForge as a single point publishing mechanism for various cloud storage service providers. And we have had a several requests from many of our customers to improvise the user experience and workflows of deploying their code to their favorite destination. Well, we did exactly that! Now all CloudForge customers who add Publisher to their projects will see the following intuitive set of buttons highlighting the providers CloudForge supports. Selecting a particular provider will open a series of questions specific to that provider and allow …

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You ask, you get…CloudForge has Alerts!

Hey everyone, I’m Bhavin Raval, Product Owner of  Once CloudForge was made generally available to the public, our first priority was to listen and respond to the feedback our customers inputted into the “How can we make it better for you?” text-boxes available at the bottom of every page within the CloudForge application.  I would like to take this moment to say how important your feedback is to us and that we take each one very seriously.  Thanks to our active customer base, we have implemented some great features to our new platform.  I will periodically blog  as we …

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