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About Angela Druckman

Angela Druckman is an agile coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. She specializes in Agile Transformation, helping teams and organizations all over the world improve their competitive position and effectiveness through agility. Whether working with tiny start-ups or Fortune 100 companies, Angela’s experience and guidance have helped her clients achieve extraordinary and measurable success with their agile practices. Angela is the author of 30 Days to Better Agile.

Building a Better Backlog Q&A

On March 5th, I presented the webinar, “Building a Better Backlog: Strategies for Long Term Success in Agile Development.” In the session, I shared strategies on how to build and maintain a good product backlog by describing the overall concepts and techniques for backlog management and how each of the project contributors can contribute to its overall effectiveness. Specifically, I covered: What a product backlog is and how to create product backlog items How to write good user stories How to estimate product backlog items How to groom the product backlog, and The importance of treating the product backlog as …

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Presenting "Agile Transformation Strategy" at Better Software Conf.

I’m presenting,  “Agile Transformation Strategy – A Blueprint for Enterprise Success” in Las Vegas, NV on June 5-11, 2011 at the Better Software Conference and Agile Development Practices West co-located Expo. Please attend my session on Thursday, June 9th at 12:45pm and discover; The Changing Face of Agile Agile Transformation Adoption Phases Pitfalls and Challenges While you are there, be sure to visit our CollabNet’s booth, no. 11 to see our products in action and to discover why companies choose CollabNet to increase productivity by up to 50% and to reduce the cost of software development by up to 80%. …

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The Changing Face of Agile

A major shift is happening in the organizations that are moving to an Agile way of doing business.  Not a shift in the Agile principles themselves, which have remained essentially unchanged since their conception.  Rather, at CollabNet, we are seeing a fundamental change in the way organizations approach an Agile transformation.  Gone are the days when Agile frameworks like Scrum are considered a “fringe” approach.  Agile has reached the mainstream and, with this change, the goals and objectives of the individuals driving this change have also shifted. The Self-Described Rebel Just a few short years ago, the typical attendee at …

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How Teams Self-Manage: Lessons from the Ball Point Game

Like many Scrum trainers, I use the Ball Point Game in my Certified ScrumMaster course. We do it fairly early on, in the first hour, before we’ve gotten know each other. I use the Ball Point Game to show teams that they in fact already know how to do Scrum, meaning they know how to use the inspect-and-adapt cycle to self-organize, set goals, and meet them. But I tell them another important reason for the exercise is to teach me something about the group that has come to my class. I look at how they solve problems together, how they …

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Scrum, Rugby and Teamwork

With the recent popularity of the film “Invictus” and its inclusion as an Olympic sport coming in the 2016 games, many Americans are being exposed to rugby for the first time.  Those of us who engage in agile software development practices know that the term “scrum” has its origins in rugby and that Scrum, the agile software development framework, is based on principles inherent to the game.  For most people, that is where the understanding of the metaphor stops. But the connection between Scrum, the framework, and rugby is actually much deeper than many people understand.   The game of rugby …

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What Does Your Factory Produce?

Brian Tracy is an author and public speaker who specializes in helping people improve their effectiveness through, among other things, better time management.  I was fortunate enough to hear him speak at an event many years ago.  In his presentation, he said something that made quite an impression on me.  Though I didn’t know it at the time–this was long before I became a Certified Scrum Trainer, or had even heard of agile software development–he was emphasizing some of the very things I would come to value most about the Scrum framework. Brian said that most people would achieve far …

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What Everybody Knows

An important part of the Certified ScrumMaster course I teach is the question and answer session. Typically held near the end of the second day, it gives attendees a chance to ask questions about specific issues they are experiencing with Scrum in their own organizations.

Product Owner Foundation Skills

Maybe you have a whole department of people in your organization who have the sole task of managing their given product lines. Maybe they are already well versed in what it takes to manage the end-to-end life cycle of a product to maximize ROI and minimize risk. This entry is not for you. It is for the rest of us. Those of us with Product Owners who are untrained, over-busy and probably got “volunteered” for the role by their boss. These folks are not going to walk into your project on Day 1 and be productive. You, ScrumMaster, and your …

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