Writing User Stories

This last week I was at the ScrumExchange conference down in Palo Alto. It was an great conference and I especially enjoyed the sessions led by Matt Smith [2]. They were thought provoking and very entertaining … an great foil for some of the other heavy material.

While there, I gave a talk on writing Users Stories. Although I’m not a big fan of static presentations, I understand the having written material can be very beneficial. The powerpoint presentation can be found here.

Note: A full list of my past articles can also be found at: http://kanemar.wordpress.com

[1] The ScrumExchange
[2] Matt Smith
[3] Writing User Stories

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One comment on “Writing User Stories
  1. allan.walker says:

    I just finished reviewing your presentation. We are newer to XP/Scrum at our company and are having some difficulties weening our Functional Analysts off of Use Cases. Your presentation is very clear and simple and I have high hopes that it can help explaing User Stories to them better than we have in the past.

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