User Story Examples and Counterexamples

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Michael James is a software process mentor, team coach, and Scrum Trainer with a focus on the engineering practices (TDD, refactoring, continuous integration, pair programming) that allow Agile project management practices. He is also a software developer (a recovering "software architect" who still loves good design).

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  1. Tommy Norman
    March 27, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    I was often told by one my first PM/BAs that all requirements should be CAMTU:

    Clear, Accurate, Measurable, Trackable, and Unique

    We have been struggling with the granularity of our Product Backlog items for months. Our first effort was too small and our current one is too high level. Your examples and the ones from Mountain Goat are more of what I am looking for.

    Thanks for the post.


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