Stockholm: March 21st and 22nd.

Stockholm is a truly beautify city with graceful old buildings looking out over the water and an picturesque old city center. The Swedish are open, friendly and incredibly polite! While I was training there they gave me an overview of their culture and language. Here are a few things I never knew about Sweden:

  • Santa Claus comes from Sweden!
  • “Det beror på” means “It Depends” in Swedish!
  • The Swedish have a concept of moderation and they have a special word for it … “Lagom”. It comes from old Viking when a team of Vikings would share a jar of beer. Each Viking would take a drink from the jar but had to show moderation … not too much and not too little. I can only image what would happen if there wasn’t enough for the last Viking!!

There were two teams that did a “My City” exercise and one team that did the “Doggy daycare” exercise. The quality of the brochures was exceptionally high as you can see by the photos below. In fact, one of the brochures contained much the same information as an official Stockholm brochure would have. Not bad for only 90 minutes work.

My City #1
This first version of My City was very well done. They mentioned many of the tourist attractions that their city was famous for and even included an image of the Palace at Drottingholm. The team are shown below with their creation:

My City #2
Not to be outdone, the second version of My City was equally impressive, with a map of the metro (T-bana), recommendations for interesting sites such as the Vasa, and even a vegetarian restaurant! The teams mascot made an special appearance in the lower left hand corner of the images below. Here’s the team with their brochure:

Doggy Daycare
And finally, the Doggy day care team developed an high quality brochure that would have done any doggy day care proud! I was tempted to print of several copies of this an distribute it around Stockholm to see the results. Sadly I didn’t have the courage, but I did get a few laughs for the idea. Here’s the team and their brochure:

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