Sidebar: Test Driven Development Presentation.

My current client is exploring the possibility of doing Test Driven Development (TDD). As a way to start the conversation I did a presentation and demo in Ruby. The presentation is attached to this sidebar. Provided that you attribute the source of the presentation (Danube Technologies, Inc) you may do as you wish with it.

To be honest the presentation only contains a small fraction of the total information that was discussed, but it’s a good start and can certainly be used as the basis of a more comprehensive discussion. Here’s the outline for the presentation:

  • What is TDD?
  • The advantages of TDD
  • The TDD Process
  • Demo
  • Implications of TDD
  • Attributes of good unit tests
  • Q & A

If you’d like to know more about this or have any questions feel free to contact me (kane at danube dawt com).

Introduction_to_TDD.ppt77 KB

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