Scrum and Benelux – leading the way

Yesterday after an interesting road trip [link to previous blog] that came with the delight of canceled flights and an unexpected train ride through the Germany and Dutch countryside I found myself in Amsterdam.  I hadn’t been here since a one day visit way back in 1996 and so I had a great burst of energy when I met up with Auke (our territory manager) at the Central station in downtown.

Central Station

I was there to meet up with customers and run two seminars called (a) Intro to Agile Business Values and Scrum Mechanics and (b) Enterprise Agile Transformation strategies.

My feeling on my way home is that Benelux and the Nordic countries are still way ahead of the rest of us when it comes to Agile transformations and a core understanding of when the mechanics of Scrum can and should be used as a means to an end to increase throughput, ROI, or team morale.  Overall, Finland is probably the most advanced as they were in the 90’s with the open source communities.  Now most Finnish companies we are speaking to are talking about DevOps and Lean – so my bet is that that by the end of say 2014 we will all be well versed in DevOps.

Are you in the developer eco-system (QA, BA, pub writer, dev, PO, ScrumMaster, etc)?  If so – do you agree with me?  Post your comments below.


Amsterdam 11 December 2010

Laszlo Szalvay

Laszlo Szalvay is one of the foremost Scrum experts in the software industry. At CollabNet he oversees the company’s global Scrum business, helping organizations adopt and scale Scrum-based initiatives to drive productivity and quality improvements. He creates engagement frameworks to forge lasting Agile-process transformations at customer sites, using a personal approach to teaching and implementing Lean/Agile/Scrum processes as a means of achieving greater IT agility. He is expert at leading successful distributed Agile environments (usually with an Indian or Chinese offshore model), and addressing cultural nuances, replication issues, and capital and headcount resource requirements. Prior to CollabNet, Szalvay co-founded and led operations for Danube, a leader in Scrum tools and training, before it was acquired by CollabNet. He is an active industry thought leader, having written and contributed hundreds of articles, presentations and blogs on improving software delivery through Scrum. Since mid-2010, Szalvay has traveled more than 330,000 miles throughout Europe, Asia and North America, working with CollabNet customers and partners to gain a unique perspective of the complexities and success strategies of a globally distributed software organizations.

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