BED Time Stories – Sharing Gerrit, Jenkins and Eclipse Knowledge

BED - Berlin Expert Days

We had a really great time on BED – Berlin Expert Days last Thursday and Friday. The conference was very well attended – we heard about 700 participants – and the talks gave invaluable insights into what’s hot in Java, DevOps, NoSQL and everything related to it. Among many other things we learnt how SoundCloud scales (technically as well as organizationally, Ruby has already crossed its peak as new stuff is written in Scala), why Adam Bien typically removes 60 percent of production code on his gigs and how ImmobilienScout24 managed to establish a DevOps culture by encouraging every single … LEARN MORE »

Application Life-Cycle Management Is Much More Than Just Writing Code

Application Lifecycle Management

Emerging IT applications are transforming the way business is done today. Application life-cycle Management (ALM) tools are the need of the hour. The integration of ALM is essential to remove major inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the software development process. If integrated properly, ALM can help an IT company develop best practice for virtually every major phase of the software application process, including: • Research • Requirements planning • Prototyping, engineering, and design • Cost and time to market (resource consumption, etc.) • Programming • Testing • Risk management • Issue and defect tracking • Metrics definition and measurement The use … LEARN MORE »

Getting Beyond Agile Best Practices

Agile Best Practices

As working adults, most of us have limited opportunity to assimilate new skills and information. This is especially true for information that presents a disruption to established patterns that ease our already taxing cognitive load. So, while misbegotten, the search for ‘best practices’ for agile development is understandably popular. With plenty to do, and precious little time, most prefer the elevator pitch, the executive brief, the Cliff’s Notes version. Seeking agile best practices is essentially asking for a pre-sort: “help me fit this into a frame I already have so I can use it immediately with a minimum of effort”. … LEARN MORE »

Agile India 2013 –Enterprise Agile Transformation Meets Agile Practices

Agile India 2013

Agile India 2013 took place on February 27 through March 2 in the IT hotspot of Bangalore, India. I attended both as a conference delegate and as a corporate sponsor, as CollabNet was one of the corporate sponsors of the event. There was a lot to like in this conference – it was well organized, there were great speakers, and I saw an engaged audience. The organizers split the conference into two sections – the first two days were focused on management aspects of Agile (“Management Agility”), and the second two days were focused on more technical aspects (“Technical Agility”). … LEARN MORE »

Software Development Trends and Tools in Asia

cloud cluster

Three key trends are having a profound impact on the global software development industry today- Agile software development, the emergence of DevOps, and Cloud-based development infrastructures. Legacy vendors have struggled to keep pace with these trends, giving rise to a new generation of paradigms and technologies. In the summer of 2012, CollabNet applied its strengths in open source, distributed development, social collaboration and hosted developer communities to address those drivers, resulting in a ground-breaking framework known as Enterprise Cloud Development. The results have been positive, as enterprises have been quick to accept the logic behind the framework, and the tools … LEARN MORE »

Transitioning to Agile in Government


I’ve had a fascinating 5 years working in the Agile Business Line at Collabnet. When I started I worked in Technical Support, from there I moved into Technical Sales, and from there into Agile Training and Coaching with a twist. The twist is that nearly all of the work I do within the Agile industry is with people who are beyond that initial adoption stage. They typically understand what Agile really is and what the basics of practicing it are. This means that I have spent little time evangelizing Scrum and Agile to developers, and a lot of time working … LEARN MORE »

New Agile E-learning Center!


CollabNet has a new on-demand resource center for Agile! With a variety of  training modules, short videos and tutorials, reference sheets, and helpful tips, this e-learning center is designed to stimulate and elevate your Agile knowledge and experience. Visit and see for yourself, the Agile E-Learning Center is a one stop-shop for anything Agile- blogs, Certified Scrum Training and Coaching. With so much pressure on performance and revenue generation, agile methodology can give a competitive edge at any given time. Agile methodology success is based on team work and offers a flexible and pragmatic approach to development that the traditional … LEARN MORE »

Git Workflows, Branching & Merging Q&A


CollabNet kicked off the new year with a 3 part series called Go Agile with Git on January 15, 2013. This series is designed as a crash-course on managing Git workflows and continuous branching and merging in Agile software development, then explores the power of code review with Gerrit and Jenkins. Part one of this series was on Git workflows, branching and merging and had over 200 webinar participants who attended! Thank you to everyone that attended, but if we missed you please register for the on-demand replay. Because of the large audience and limited time constraints, not all of the audiences’ questions … LEARN MORE »

Go Agile with Git!

Git webinar

Kick off the Agile new year with this complimentary 3-part webinar series on Git integration with Agile software development. In this series, learn how to manage Git workflows and continuous branching and merging. Then explore the power of automated and human-based code reviews using Gerrit and Jenkins. Also, get to know best practices and see practical examples to try in your own lab. Join CollabNet with speaker Luca Milanesio, Gerrit Code Review Contributor and co-founder of GerritForge LLP for this great complimentary webinar series to get you started in 2013! Each webinar gradually complements the next so register for all … LEARN MORE »

How Can I Explain To A Coworker That He Writes Bad Code ?

Spaghetti Code

How can I explain to a coworker that he writes bad code?  I just read a discussion of this question on a popular technical discussion site and I was disappointed by the answers.  Most of the answers fell into three categories: Ignore it.  It’s not your problem. Do something dishonest and manipulative, such as asking the coworker for technical advice when the real intent is to be the one giving the advice. Fire him, or try to get him fired.   While these may sometimes be the best available actions, it’s disappointing how many of the respondents are not aware of the … LEARN MORE »

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