Notes from the First Jenkins User Conference

Today (Oct. 2nd), the first Jenkins User Conference happened in San Francisco. Despite a gorgeous sunny Sunday in the city, I made my way to the Marines’ Memorial Hotel, shortly before 9am. And, I was in good company: There was a good crowd already checked in, and per organizers they had over 400 registrations. Certainly the event was well timed, with two major conferences in town attracting like-minded people (Oracle Open World, and Java One); nevertheless this was quite an impressive show of force.
2011 10 02 12 43 06 257 Notes from the First Jenkins User Conference
A presentation by Kohsuke Kawaguchi kicked off the event, providing a quick overview of Jenkins history, governance and product status. It also touched on the Jenkins / Hudson debate. Per Kohsuke, Hudon’s joining the Eclipse foundation had no material impact on market share numbers. I am sure Hudson would tell a different story, but some of the numbers seemed to support that claim quite well (update hits per week, anonymous usage stats, ticket activity, mailing list / twitter traffic etc.). Notably that session also discussed a few ‘product roadmap’ features (or rather, ‘things we would like to work on’ features): Test parallelization, distributed execution assistance, and ability to add plug-ins w/o restarts.
2011 10 02 09 28 51 434 Notes from the First Jenkins User Conference
Following the keynote there were 20 breakout sessions (2 tracks in parallel) on a broad range of topics with quite active Q&A, and some lightning talks and a social hour towards the end. Net-net, I felt this was an event well worth the time.

CN Jenkins1 Notes from the First Jenkins User Conference

[Above: Kohsuke talks about Jenkins with CollabNet TeamForge and Lab Management]

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