Missing Secrets of Agile Teams

Alas, it appears I won’t be able to attend the “Secrets of Agile Teams” workshop in early April. I was looking forward to attending and blogging on the contents of the workshop. If circumstances change I’ll faithfully report on it.

I strongly encourage any readers to attend. Click “More” for a description of the event and contact info. Perhaps you can fill me in 🙂

Contact Diana Larsen:
FutureWorks Consulting, LLC
4850 NE 9th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211
503-288-3550 or email
April 5-7, 2005
The Secrets of Agile Teamwork: Beyond Technical Skills
Portland, Oregon
Beyond technical skills, Agile success depends on productive self-organizing teams. How do you develop, grow, and maintain a functioning self-organizing team? It’s not magic, but it doesn’t just happen either.
Effective self-organizing teams rely on personal and interpersonal effectiveness. In this workshop, we’ll discover the secrets to developing the skills you need to succeed and lead on a self-organizing team.
Spend two and a half days with three of the field’s most effective creators of high performing teams : Esther Derby, Diana Larsen, and Ken Schwaber.
Victor Szalvay

Victor Szalvay currently leads product development for CollabNet’s ScrumWorks® product suite. In that capacity, he works closely with customers, stakeholders, and the development teams to deliver high business value each release cycle. With more than 150,000 active users worldwide, ScrumWorks is used by more than half of the Fortune 100 and boasts the largest market share of any Agile management tool.

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