Hardware Foes! There’s a reason we make software…

After a failed hardware order from Dell, we went hardcore and went to a local retailer to get our hardware so that we wouldnt miss our deadlines.

Below is a picture from Michael’s cell phone taken at Fry’s after they had closed the doors, but they did stay open for our order, Vic,. Michael and I had been there for about 4 hrs.

Our sales rep was very happy. The specs of the laptops were outrageous for a local retailer.

Look at the documentation on the table. Looks like we are trying to get a passport in the Communist Eastern European BLOC (socialist-realist). Checkout alone took over 1.5 hrs.

Thanks to Eric and Michael for pulling an all-nighter so that the new folks could have their hardware Tuesday Morning.

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One comment on “Hardware Foes! There’s a reason we make software…
  1. Victor Szalvay says:

    We may be smiling in the picture, but we weren’t happy. Looks like Dell’s “on demand” manufacturing isn’t earning our business any more.

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