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Over a year since my last update, insert obligatory, “I’ll post more” statement…

I’m currently working on a class project with a couple people who have almost no experience coding in the “real world”. The project is composed of three modules; each of us took a piece.

The instructor told us that many groups have had problems with keeping track of their revisions, so I set up a subversion server for the team. I gave a quick tutorial of how to use it, including adding files, making changes, and committing them. I even set up a nifty email-on-commit feature that they’re probably hating by now.

I’m not exactly sure why, but after almost a week, they have yet to commit a single change to the repository. I know they’re working on the project because I’ve gotten emails from them with their source code attached. What is it about version control that freaks people out?

I’ve noticed this when I go to client sites as well. Developers will work for days on some code, and then commit. By the time they resynchronize with version control, so much has changed that they risk breaking something. Personally, I feel much safer knowing that not only has my code been backed up, but everyone else on my team knows that I’ve made a change that could affect them.

So far tonight, I committed my changes 8 times in 6 hours. If I change something on my machine that breaks something, I know I can roll back to something that works without naming files hw6new.x68, hw6newer.x68, hw6newest.x68.

If someone has any idea what scares people about version control, I’d sure like to hear about it.

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2 comments on “Frequent Checkins
  1. Michael James says:

    My favorite example of this syndrome was a state government employee who said in all seriousness “We’re not going to check this stuff in [to version control] because it’s still changing.”

    Michael James
    Software Process Consultant

  2. subversion says:

    Does scrumworks integrate with subversion?

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