Copenhagen: 5th – 6th March

Copenhagen is a nice small city with a great deal of history, many beautify buildings and friendly, funny, crazy people! I’d been to Copenhagen many, many years ago, but I’m always looking for new and interesting facts. Here are some things I never knew about Denmark:

  • There is a bridge that links Copenhagen to Sweden, and it’s not uncommon to live in Sweden but work in Copenhagen. Even the train network is integrated with daily commuter trains going between Sweden and Denmark.
  • House prices and cars are cheaper in Sweden than in Copenhagen.
  • There are few big companies in Denmark. Most Danish companies are small (less than 50 people) to medium (less than 500 people) … a great environment in which to introduce Agile software development!
  • “Det kommer an pa” means “It depends” in Danish.

One of the participants of the CSM course, Harald Walker, is a keen contributor to He took some really, really great photo’s of the event and posted them here. I don’t know what he did to his photos, but they look far, far superior to the phone-cam shots that I took!!

Team: Scrum Champs
The Scrum Champs did a great version of the my city brochure with a map of the subway, local sites and attractions. They also included a page of local “entertainment” but I didn’t get a photo of that page and you’ll have to be satisfied with the images below:

Team: eGalaxy
This team took the whole idea of a brochure for Martians and added a whole new dimension … literally. They decided to have a three dimensional brochure, and implemented a supersized version. I also learnt that Martians look just like my squeaky love rats. Hmmm, what a funny coincidence! =) Here’s the team and their final product.

But the fun didn’t stop there. One of the Product Owners requests was to create a Martian song and dance … and the team did it!! I’d like to present (performed for the very first time on earth) the teams Martian dance.

Drinking beer with Agile Copenhagen While I was in Copenhagen Martin Jul from (a small Danish partnership that specializes in Agile and Lean) invited us to have a beer with the Copenhagen Agile users group. About six of us from the course ended up having a beer and discussing Agile and Lean software development for several hours. We had a great time and I drank far too much!

I learnt that Martin will be presenting at Agile 2007, so if you get a chance to attend his workshop I’d definitely encourage you to do so. looks like an interesting and exciting company that are truly focused on delivering high quality software … worth checking out if you’re in the area.

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